Of Teachers and Refrigerators

The Complete Works of David: A Research Project

Food in Sweden: a group of essays from my former website.

Online Essays (in some cases, subscription is required):

Pleasant and Useful? A Tale from the Middle Ages (Instrumental Narratives)

Is economic inequality also a literary problem (with Roberto del Valle Alcalà: Studia Neophilologica)

Shakespeare and the Concepts of Fear (Société Francaise Shakespeare)

Review of Treacherous Faith(Studia Neophilologica)

The Joys of Consumption (The Baffler)

Nausea in the UK (The Baffler)

The Merchants of Europe (The Baffler)

Trashing the University of Athens (The Baffler)

Anarchy in Exarchia (The Baffler)

Democracy in Greece, For Now (The Baffler)

The Cultural Logic of Austerity (symploke)

A Dinner Too Far: Posh and The Riot Club (The Baffler)

Indignation Nation (The Baffler)

Hack Attack Goes to Hollywood (The Baffler)

Monopolies and Kindly Octopi (The Baffler)

If you’re going to London, be sure not to bring any luggage larger than a carry-on

From Where I Sit: Beyond Consumer-tourism in the Rainbow Nation (Times Higher 

Fantasias of Terrorism (Journal for Cultural Research)

From Where I Sit: Jagged Edges Slow Progress (Times Higher Education)

Review of What Is a Classic (Times Higher Education)

From Where I Sit: Muse of Fire Burns Out (Times Higher Education)

Notes Towards an Aesthetics of Violence (Studia Neophilologica)

From Where I Sit: Marks of Invidious Distinction (Times Higher Education)

From Where I Sit: Blinkered Belief Systems (Times Higher Education)

From Where I Sit: Critical Distance, But Not Too Far  (Times Higher Education)

From Where I Sit: Present Harms (Times Higher Education)

From Where I Sit:  The Unkindest Cuts (Times Higher Education)

From Where I Sit: Invention of Wholesome Tradition (Times Higher Education)

From Where I Sit: Do the Rite Thing (Times Higher Education)

Review: The Omnivorous Mind: Our Evolving Relationship with Food (Times Higher 

From Where I Sit: The Pursuit of Happiness (Times Higher Education)

Off Piste: Turntable Revolution (Times Higher Education)

Review of Utopia, 3rd Norton Critical Edition (Renaissance and Reformation)

The Food Fuss in London (International Literary Quarterly)

Review of Cake: A Global History (Times Higher Education)